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Miracle Living - Judging Books By Their Covers [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Judging Books By Their Covers

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Miracle Living [Oct. 10th, 2006|09:05 am]
Judging Books By Their Covers


"3 Important Steps To Your Better Health and Miracle Living" by Oral Roberts, 1976

Poor guy. Being given a name like "Oral" I can only imagine why he'd be an odd bird. He does have good hair though. Good, ol fashioned honest mans hair.

This was purchased at a garage sale from some speed freaks. I always thought it would be fun to start some organization called "Tweekers for Christ", but I'm afraid of the people that would show up.


What are these 3 Important Steps?

1. "You will be in great position to have health and success if your relationship with God your Source is right."

2. "Your life will be completely different if you learn to plant good seed with God and with people you like or dislike."

3. "You can expect many miracles for yourself if you have a right relationship with yourself... and with God."

The size of the text in this book is huge, so any idiot can follow along easily. The chapters are broken down into key issues.

My, that's a key issue, and it's written in the shape of a key! now, that's CLEVER!

Pretty much if you have the right faith you will be healthy both in mind and body. The text points out that some people have lifestyles that are against god, but appear to be healthy. It isn't so. This book is about well being. And Oral Roberts is super healthy. Finding jesus is just like getting a heart transplant. Only healthier. Its a new spiritual heart.

That wraps up chapter one and two. By the end of chapter one, you should be able to start "expecting miracles"

I thought a miracle was something unexpected, but what do I know? I have a regular old boring heart.

Doctors can operate on your body, but only god can operate on your soul.

Chapter 4 talks about "Dis-ease"

There's more. I don't want to spoil the ending.

Good luck taking care of "that vital life-force God calls your S-O-U-L"

and if you get lost along the way, there is a hotline to call.
for prayer anytime.

Jesus is waiting to personally answer your call.